Panda Pizza Parlor

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Playing Panda Pizza Parlor is very simple, the goal is to complete 35 missions making your customers happy by delivering each order. Get to work and cook as you know, mix ingredients, bake the pizzas and make your pizzeria the best known in the world.

Let's make the Panda Pizza Parlor a success story!

Customers will come and ask for various kinds of pizza pies, with each level featuring more complicated orders, but as you go through them, you will also become a better pizza chef, of course.

Use the mouse to go around the cooking station, picking the right ingredients, and using the correct kitchen tools and instruments, making the orders in time, before the customers leave.

If you handle all the orders right, you get three stars in return and advance to the next level. Good luck and the best we wish you, and we hope that this is far from the final cooking game online you play here today!

Tap or click to play.

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