Jumper Frog

4.3 (20 Reviews)
Inspired by the classic game Frogger, this HTML5 game is an absolute blast to play. Start off by dodging cars, trucks, and SUVs to make it to the edge of the riverside. Then carefully jump from log-to-log and on top of turtle shells. Be careful not to fall in the river. Once at the far side of the river, jump to safety onto land and earn points to make it to the next level.

Use the arrows to reach the other side of the river before time runs out. To complete a level, you have to place a frog in each of the 5 coves. Be careful not to get driven over by cars along the road. Use the floating logs or turtles shells to cross the river. If you can catch a fly, you will earn extra points. Most importantly, have fun!

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