Mahjong Solitaire

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Welcome to "Mahjong Solitaire," a timeless and engaging game that blends the ancient art of Mahjong with the strategic challenge of solitaire! In this captivating puzzle game, you will find yourself immersed in a world of beautifully designed tiles arranged in complex layouts. Your objective is to clear the board by matching pairs of identical tiles, but only those that are free and unobstructed can be selected. "Mahjong Solitaire" offers a relaxing yet stimulating experience, perfect for players who enjoy honing their pattern recognition and problem-solving skills. Whether you’re a seasoned Mahjong player or new to the game, each level brings a unique puzzle to solve. Ready to dive into the serene and challenging world of "Mahjong Solitaire"? Let’s explore how to play!

Start the Game:
✿ Click on the "Play" button to begin your journey into the intricate world of "Mahjong Solitaire."

Understanding the Objective:
✿ The goal is to clear the board by matching pairs of identical tiles. Only tiles that are "free" (not covered and have an open side) can be selected.
✿ Successfully matching all tiles on the board completes the level.

Navigating the Game Board:
✿ The game board is filled with a variety of tiles arranged in a layered layout. Each tile has a unique symbol, often related to seasons, flowers, or traditional Mahjong characters.
✿ Free tiles are the ones that can be selected and are highlighted when you hover over them. They are not covered by other tiles and have at least one side (left or right) open.

Selecting and Matching Tiles:
✿ Click on a free tile to select it. Then click on another identical free tile to match the pair.
✿ When a pair is matched, the tiles are removed from the board.
✿ If a tile is not free, it cannot be selected, and you must find another pair to match.

Using Hints and Shuffles:
✿ If you get stuck, you can use the "Hint" button to highlight a pair of matching tiles. Use this feature sparingly to challenge your skills.
✿ If there are no more matches available, or you want a fresh perspective, you can use the "Shuffle" button to rearrange the remaining tiles.

Special Tiles:
✿ Some tiles, like season or flower tiles, can be matched with any tile in their set, not just identical ones. For example, any season tile can match with another season tile, and the same goes for flower tiles.
✿ Use these tiles strategically to free up more space and create more matching opportunities.

Completing Levels:
✿ Clear the board by matching all the tiles to complete the level.
✿ Each level presents a different tile layout, with varying degrees of difficulty and complexity.

Game Over and Replay:
✿ If you cannot find any more matches and have no shuffles left, the game ends.
✿ You can restart the game or choose to play a different layout to try again and improve your strategy.

Tips for Success

✿ Plan Your Moves: Look ahead and plan your matches to avoid getting stuck. Try to clear tiles that free up the most other tiles.
✿ Focus on the Top Layers: Prioritize removing tiles from the top layers and edges to reveal and access more tiles below.
✿ Use Special Tiles Wisely: Remember that season and flower tiles can be matched with any tile of their type, which can help clear tricky areas.
✿ Manage Hints and Shuffles: Use hints and shuffles as a last resort to challenge yourself and improve your tile-matching skills.

Embark on your "Mahjong Solitaire" journey now and enjoy the meditative challenge of clearing the board tile by tile! Match, strategize, and relax as you immerse yourself in this classic puzzle game.

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