Hello Fruits

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Hello Fruits is an exciting arcade game where your reflexes and visual agility will be put to the test. Your goal is to create harmony in a world of colorful fruits descending from above. The player must act quickly as they have a limited number of attempts.

Game Features:

Square: At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a square with rounded corners, which represents the center of the game. This square will be your interaction zone.

Diverse Fruits: Fruits such as violet grapes, green apples, yellow bananas, and red cherries descend from above. Each of them is associated with one corner of the square.

Fruit Matching: The player must react quickly and click on the square to align it with the corresponding fruit falling from above. For instance, if a green apple is descending, you should swiftly click on the square to ensure that an apple is also present there.

Hearts: The player has three hearts that are deducted with each incorrect interaction. If they run out, the game ends.

Score: During the game, your successful interactions with the fruits are counted as your score. The more fruits you match, the higher your score will be.

Progressive Difficulty: As time progresses, the game becomes more challenging by increasing the speed of fruit descent and introducing greater fruit variety.

Hello Fruits is an excellent way to enhance your reflexes and observation skills, all while enjoying vibrant colors and delicious fruits. Set new records and surpass your own achievements!

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