Two Friends

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Two Friends is a delightful physics-based game featuring your favorite pets! Join our adorable cat and dog duo as they eagerly await their favorite treats. Your mission is simple: feed the cat a delicious fish first, followed by a tasty bone for the dog. But here’s the twist – you must strategically position vertical and horizontal platforms to guide the food items precisely into each animal’s mouth. Challenge your problem-solving skills and embrace the wonders of physics to ensure a perfect mealtime for our furry friends. Successfully nourish both the cat and dog without a hitch, and you’ll unlock the next level of this fun adventure. Join the fun today and become the ultimate animal chef in this delightful world of friendship and physics.

Simply tapping the green play arrow button to get started and choose your desired level. As the game loads, carefully examine the level layout, considering the path the delicious treats will take as they fall from the top. Your task is to strategically position horizontal and vertical platforms to ensure the fish gracefully lands in the cat’s mouth. Next, reposition the platforms to ensure the bone lands in the dog’s mouth. Click on the bone to release it. Successfully feed both the dog and the cat to advance to the next level! Have fun!

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