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JollyWorld is a sandbox sports game created by Terminarch Games. Grab your favorite bike, jump into one of the many user-generated levels, and immerse yourself in unique action-packed worlds full of danger and surprises! You're at the mercy of the rules of physics, and you need to abide by them carefully if you're going to survive. Maintain your balance on the bike, ride or jump through the obstacles without getting hurt. You'll even have tools like the grappling hook or the Skippyball to help you along the way. Each level is different in terms of the area, obstacles and objectives, so JollyWorld is like a hundred different games all packed into one! Don't forget to change your avatar, explore and vote the levels created by other players, and try the Editor to create your own level!

Click the "Play" button on the main menu, then select one of the levels that will appear next.

✿ Ride - WASD or Arrow keys
✿ Jump - Z
✿ Turn around - Space bar

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