Moto X3M Winter

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Moto X3M provides players with some Winter wonderland fun without sacrificing any of the action that comes with racing games. This fast-paced game has everything that players are looking for in a skill game - high flying jumps, dangerous flips, and breakneck speeds to get your heart pumping. All of these attributes are wrapped up in a jolly, winter-themed package that makes for a great gaming experience.

Is Moto X3M Winter considered a Christmas Game?

Absolutely it is! Sure, dirt biking (or should we say snow biking) on its own isn’t exactly as festive of a concept as something like 60 Second Santa Run. However, it has a Christmas theme throughout all of the maps, with features such as Christmas villages in the background, snowmen and Christmas trees layered throughout the maps, icicles (although we recommend avoiding those), and candy cane launchers ready to strike! While the original Moto X3M may not resemble a Christmas game, we’ve done everything in our power to change this perception for Moto X3M Winter.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to accelerate, brake, or flip your bike. Make it through the course as quickly as possible. Do stunts in the air to shave time off of your run!

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