Among Us

2.9 (12 Reviews)
Among Us, Social deduction title skyrocketed in popularity last year. It is still evolving and players are constantly looking out for new mods. It has come to notice that people are persistently searching for information regarding an Unblocked mode and today we will be discussing exactly that.

A party game is only as good as its rules and the easier they are to understand, then the easier everyone can enjoy themselves. This is a game that you can figure out pretty quickly even after a few rounds of playing. The movement is at a good pace and easy to get a feel for while everything important is highlighted. You've also got visible icons that reveal what you can do or even what you're supposed to do. It can be a fun and exciting little activity to play on your own or in a group with the chance to meet some new people as a result.

Among Us is a 2D party game about crewmates working with an impostor among them using the keyboard and mouse.


✿ W/Up Arrow - Move Up
✿ S/Down Arrow - Move Down
✿ A/Left Arrow - Move Left
✿ D/Right Arrow - Move Right

There will be icons in the bottom right corner of the screen that will indicate your available actions which you can navigate with the cursor and use with the Left Mouse Button. You are playing the role of the impostor and your goal is to eliminate all of the other crewmates without being noticed. If you get voted out, you'll be ejected and you'll lose the game.

As the impostor, you have several actions available to you: Report, Sabotage, Vent, and Kill. Report is an action that you can use to summon a meeting in hopes of getting someone else voted out and taking suspicion off you. Sabotage is what you can do to hinder the progress of crewmates completing tasks. Vent allows you to use the various vents to move unseen across the map. Kill lets you eliminate a crewmate once you get in range and has a cooldown of a few seconds.

If you manage to kill all of your crewmates, you'll win the game. Between games, you can change the value to affect your speed, cooldown, your appearance, and other such cosmetic options.

Tips and Tricks

The key to being a good impostor is to be stealthy and plan your actions carefully. You should always seek out crewmates who are isolated from the group and have a clear route to an open area or vent to get away quickly. If someone observes you doing something, you need to be able to react fast and take them out before they can report you.

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