Subway Surfers San Francisco

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Play Subway Surfers San Francisco A well known and precarious street skilled worker and threat named Jack visited the city of San Francisco today. Here our legend draws pictures on the dividers of the construction with the help of paint containers in various spots. Of course, the police are following him. In the game Metro Surfers: San Francisco you will assist the individual with stowing their advantage. Before you on the screen you will see your individual, who vivaciously, constantly obtaining speed, will run along the road. Cops will follow behind him. Look at the screen carefully. On the way of our holy person, obstructions will expect. You deftly controlling his exercises ought to circumvent them all or bob over. There will similarly be coins and various things all over town that you ought to get on the run. They will bring you centers, and they can similarly compensate the individual with brief award Control in the game "Subway Surfers San Francisco" on the PC is finished using the bolts, space - to start the skate.

Control in the game "Subway Surfers San Francisco" on the computer is carried out using the arrows, space - to activate the skate. The object of the game "Subway Surfers New Orleans" is for the hero to run as far as possible, overcoming obstacles and dodg.

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