Stack Bounce

4.0 (5 Reviews)
Stack Bounce is an addiction, not simply a game. Although it can seem straightforward at first, levels of intricacy and expertise lie beyond its deceiving look. This game has gained the hearts of millions who like the never-ending stacking action it provides since it is the ideal combination of strategy and quick reflexes.

1. When a ball is over a stack, simply tap the screen or mouse click to cause it to fall onto the stack.

2. Timing is Key: Pay close attention to when you tap, and aim for the precise second the ball is directly above the stack.

3. Look for Patterns: As you play, you'll realize that the balls move in predictable ways; take advantage of this knowledge to better time your taps.

4. Watch the pace: As the game goes on, the pace of the falling balls will progressively increase; adjust your time appropriately.

5. In other words, practice makes perfect. You'll get better at determining timing and stacking as you play more.

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