Square Game

2.5 (2 Reviews)
Square Game is a game in which you need to earn all the money, for this you need to take part in many games. It’s fashionable to be tug of war, jumping on glass, green and red, there are also several games with blue balls and a game in which you need to scrape a cookie of the desired shape. And also the final – knife fights.

Pink squid circles take off against green "squares" in this "Red light, Green light" game inspired by a popular Korean horror show. Fast-paced action and quick movements are necessary to survive and move on in the game. Moving when you shouldn't causes you to become splattered on the pavement.

You must not be moving when the angry doll is facing you. Like the TV show, moving will end in your death when the doll is facing you. Move only when the doll in the end zone is facing away from you. Move quickly to make it to the end zone without dying.

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