Pinball Rush

3.3 (3 Reviews)
Pinball Rush ultimate online game for kids that takes the classic pinball experience to a whole new level! In this exciting twist on the traditional pinball game, players rack up as many points as possible and use them zap away the points from the yellow disc perched at the top of the game board.

As you launch the pinball into action, your goal is clear: aim, shoot, and score! Bounce the pinball off colored discs to accumulate points while navigating through a maze of obstacles. Test your skills as you encounter springs that launch your pinball to unexpected heights, moving platforms that add an element of dynamic unpredictability, and mysterious portals that transport your pinball to different corners of the game board. Each level presents fresh challenges and opportunities to hone your pinball prowess, all while strategically using your points to zap the yellow disc closer to zero and progress to the next level.

To play “Pinball Rush”, start by clicking the play arrow button and choose a level from the available options. As the game kicks off, simply click the mouse or tap the screen to control the flapper, guiding it to strike the pinball. Your goal is to score points and use those points to destroy the yellow disc perched at the top of the board. Reduce the yellow disc points down to zero and level up. Have fun!

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