Dino Click

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Dino Click is an exciting game where you have to develop your own dinosaur park! Start with the smallest dinosaur that has just hatched from its shell. By clicking on it, you collect resources that can be used to get new dinosaurs.

With the resources you collect, you can acquire even more dinosaurs. But that’s not all! Combine two dinosaurs to raise them into adult individuals, ready for new adventures. And remember – by combining two adult dinosaurs, you can obtain an even bigger and more fascinating representative of the dinosaur world!

Your task is to develop your unique dinosaur park, increasing the diversity and number of dinosaurs. The more you have, the more resources you can obtain, as well as explore new species of dinosaurs.

Get ready for an exciting journey into the past, where you set the rules, and your dinosaurs are your faithful companions on this path of discoveries and adventures!

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