Fruit Harmony

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Fruit Harmony is an exciting game where you strategically arrange fruits in rows to achieve harmony. Get ready to enjoy an exciting game where you collect fruits to form lines before time runs out. Players engage in the challenge of placing fruits in rows, adhering to the harmonious rules of the game.


Here are some tips to get started and succeed:

Move Fruits: Click and hold the chosen fruit. Drag it to an adjacent cell to create a line of three or more identical fruits.

Collect Lines: Your goal is to collect a line of fruits. The line can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. To maximize coins, gather as many lines as possible in one move.

Coins and Rainbow: Receive coins for each collected line. Use coins to purchase a rainbow. The rainbow can replace any fruit, aiding in line formation.

Level Victory: To win a level, you must collect the specified number of lines. Keep an eye on the time remaining – the faster you form lines, the more chances for future levels.

Strategy and Speed: Develop a strategy for efficient line formation. Collect bonuses and use the rainbow wisely to achieve better results.

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