Fishing Frenzy

5.0 (5 Reviews)
Hook, Line and Sinker
Who says you can’t go fishing on the pond in the dead of winter? If you love dropping a line in and fishing the day away, try this Fishing Frenzy game for a new take on your favorite pastime. The advantage with our version is that you can see underwater and hook anything that moves. The disadvantage? Well, let’s just say that you’re not the only one out there trolling for some tasty fish. If you want to reel in as many mackerel, trout and carp as possible, you’ll have to man the oars and drop your line like a pro. Get that worm right in front of the fish, and they can’t resist!

I Thought Fishing Was Supposed to Be Calming?
You might be wondering, “Fishing is easy and quiet, so how could it be a frenzy?” Well, we have a little confession to make. This Fishing Frenzy game has a few features added in to make it a little more exciting. First, you can fish with bombs! That’s right, if you’re tired of dipping that worm in for a measly one fish at a time, just drop an explosive present down there and score a ton of points at once. The other feature is the time limit. You only have a couple of minutes to grab as many fish as you can, so the pressure is on!

How to Hit Your Fishing Frenzy Level Target
Here’s what we recommend if you really want to become a Fishing Frenzy game online pro. Only use bombs when fish are clustered together. Don’t try to fish near sharks, because they’ll just steal your haul anyway. Most importantly, make sure that you catch all of those floating power-ups and supplies, because they will put more time on the clock and restock your worms and bombs. Let’s head out to the open water and see what you can do!'

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