Super Fishing Published

By K4games

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Scour the best fishing spots of South Florida in search of “The Big One” in this fast-paced fishing simulator! Can you earn your Pro-
License and become the envy of Atlantic fishermen everywhere?
Game includes five fishing spots, five different types of lure (each with their own method of attracting game), and 68 types of fish to catch.

Controls: Mouse only.
X) Click once to pop line.
X) Click + Hold to slow reel.
X) 2x Click to jerk line.
X) 2x Click + Hold to fast reel.
To Attract Fish:
X) Spoon – Slow reel.
X) Jig – Alternate fast reel and stop.
X) Plug – Alternate slow reel and pop.
X) Fly – Cast and wait. If nothing bites in five seconds, try again.
X) Bait – Just cast and wait. Live bait must be re-cast if it dies in the water.
To Catch Fish:
Combine your rod techniques to keep the indicator


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