Knife Smash

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Welcome to "Knife Smash," an exhilarating game that tests your precision and timing! In this game, your goal is to launch knives at rotating logs, aiming to hit specific targets while avoiding previous knife hits. With its simple yet captivating gameplay, "Knife Smash" offers a perfect blend of challenge and fun, keeping you hooked as you advance through increasingly difficult levels. Ready to sharpen your skills and become a knife-throwing master? Let's dive into the details of how to play!

Start the Game:
✿ Click on the "Play" button to begin your knife-throwing adventure.

✿ Your main goal is to throw knives at a rotating log without hitting existing knives or obstacles on the log.

Throwing Knives:
✿ Tap (on mobile) or click (on PC) the screen to throw a knife.
✿ Aim carefully to ensure your knife lands in a free spot on the log. Timing is crucial!

Levels and Challenges:
✿ Each level has a set number of knives you must successfully throw to complete it.
✿ As you progress, the logs may spin faster and feature more complex patterns, increasing the challenge.

Special Targets:
✿ Hit special apples or other targets on the log to earn extra points or bonuses.
✿ Collecting these can enhance your score and help you unlock new knives or abilities.

Avoiding Obstacles:
✿ Be cautious! Hitting another knife or obstacle will cause you to lose the level and start over.

Advancing Through Levels:
✿ Successfully embed all your knives in the log to advance to the next level.
✿ Each new level brings a faster and more challenging rotation, testing your skills even further.

Game Over and Retry:
✿ If you hit an obstacle or run out of knives, the game is over.
✿ Click on the retry button to restart the level and try again.

Tips for Success

Stay Focused: Watch the rotation pattern and plan your throws carefully.
Be Patient: Rushing can lead to mistakes. Wait for the perfect moment to throw.
Use Power-Ups: Collect and utilize any power-ups or bonuses to gain an edge in tougher levels.

Embark on your "Knife Smash" journey now and see how far you can go! Test your reflexes, master the art of knife throwing, and rise through the ranks of this thrilling game.

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